Bread at Beach's Bakery

Baked fresh every night from Monday to Saturday delivery at our main bakery in Somercotes and dispatched from 3am. Orders for bread must be placed by 4pm for fresh delivery next day. Each loaf is carefully handmade by skill bakers. Our loaves are also sold in many convenience stores within our areas covered from our own stores in Somercotes and Alfreton. Our bread products are listed below.

Farmhouse Loaf
The traditional loaf, perfect for at home. Available in white, wholemeal and granary and both small and large size.
Sandwich Loaf
Square and uniform shape, perfect for toast and sandwiches. Available white and wholemeal.
Perfect for thick cut sandwiches, available in white and wholemeal, large and small size.
Tiger Bread
Delicious Specialist bread a unique taste. Perfect for restaurants and cafes.
French Sticks
Traditional and crispy french sticks, perfect for convenience stores and at home. Available in large and small sizes.

Baps at Beach's Bakery

Whether your filling with burgers, hotdogs or full breakfasts. We have sizes for all. The following are available for order next day and are baked daily. Most will also be available for purchase in our Somercotes and Alfreton stores. Don't see a size that you need? Contact us, and we will be happy to help. Bespoke sizes are available depandant on quantity.

Round Baps
From small cutouts for buffets to XL for huge burgers we have a size for all. All available in white, brown and cheese topped, most available in granary
- 3" Cutouts
- 4" Baps
- 5" Large Baps
- 6" XL Baps
- 7" Large Round Flugs
- 9" XL Round Flugs
Finger Rolls
Mainly used for hotdogs. Various sizes available to suit your need. All available in white and brown and most in granary
- 5" Finger Rolls
- 6.5" Large Finger Rolls
- 9" XL Finger Rolls
- 9.5" White Hoagies
- 9.5" White Finger Rolls
Oval Baps made bigger than standard baps for large sandwiches with large fillings. All available in white and brown.
- 8"x4" Standard Flugs
- 9"x4.5" Large Flugs
- 7" Large Round Flugs
- 9" XL Round Flugs

Morning Goods at Beach's Bakery

Our delicious morning goods are baked daily and are available in our stores via wholesale deliveries. Orders placed by 4pm will be delivered next day for these items. Each product is our own receipe and baked by skilled bakers. The morning goods products that we offer are listed below.

Fruit scones, cherry scones, cheese topped and plain are all baked daily, ready for deliveries Monday - Saturday. Perfect for afternoon teas anywhere, cafes and canteens. Also available cream filled.
Filled with currents and sultanas, our teacakes are delicious. Sold in packs of four and baked daily. Amazing toasted. Hot cross buns are also available during the Easter period.
Balm Loaf
Made with sultanas and currents, beautiful toasted. Available in three sides; small medium and large.
Iced Bun
A sweet treat, an iced soft finger roll. Made to order and available in our stores.
Egg Custards
Very popular, made daily from scratch. Our own receipe and absolutely delicious. Available in large and small sizes.

Savouries & Pastries at Beach's Bakery

For the non-sweet toothed. Our savouries and pastries are delicately made and delivered Monday - Saturday. We recently improved our products in this range and added a couple new products and we are happy that they've taken off well. Order by 4pm for wholesale deliveries next day.

Sausage Rolls
Absolutely delicious, available in large and small sizes we bake them daily for our stores and wholesale delivies. Sold everywhere.
Cornish Pasties
Baked daily for our stores and wholesale delivies, packed with goodness, traditional and still very popular. Sold everywhere.
Steak Slice
Generously filled and baked daily for our stores and wholesale delivies.
Cheese & Onion Pasties
Suitable for vegetarians. Baked daily for our stores and wholesale delivies
Butter croissants and chocolate croissant, perfect for canteens and shops. Available to order for next day.
Pain Au Chocolat
What's not to love? Beautiful pastry and chocolate filled. Perfect for canteens and shops.
Maple Pecan Plait
Traditionally French will be a favourite once you've tried it. Perfect for canteens and shops.
Cinnamon Swirl
Delightful, topped with icing. Perfect for canteens and shops.

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